Liaison Program

SDS developed a liaison program several years ago that bridges the gap between faculty/departments and student accommodation needs. Our program has invited representatives from departments throughout the university to participate in a training workshop that explains responsibilities of students, faculty and the institution. This training program also provides the liaison an opportunity to learn some of the details involved with accommodations and disabilities.

Our liaisons assist students and faculty in developing creative ways to provide appropriate accommodations to students while maintaining the procedures and protocols of the department. Students registered in our office who experience difficulty in acquiring their accommodations in a classroom or lab are encouraged to speak to the departmental liaison for assistance where the problem typically can be quickly resolved.

Our liaisons are an asset to our office, their represented department and the university at large because they provide the additional support needed to promote student success. 

If you are interested in joining our liaison group, please participate in one of the workshops offered once per semester. The training involves participating in one three-hour workshop per academic year.  Please feel free to contact us at 313-577-1851 for further information on upcoming training sessions.

Our continued commitment to the students along with assistance from faculty and staff allow us to help provide the tools for student success.