Parents and Visitors

Student Disability Services assists students as they navigate Wayne State. Our mission is to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equitable access to programs and to empower students to self-advocate in order to fulfill their academic goals. We believe students can be successful with proper support and personal responsibility. 

The transition from high school to college is exciting; it is a time of change and development, but also uncertainty. The presence of a disability adds an extra layer of concern for parents. The rigors of college academics may also differ significantly from a high school setting. 

WSU helps students learn self-determination and self-advocacy. Whether visible or invisible, disabilities are highly individualized and involve a range of dynamics that interact with campus life in multiple ways. 

We are delighted to meet with students to discuss our office policies, procedures and protocols and our role in their education. We encourage students to come to our office as soon as they arrive on campus. Students should register early in the semester so we can help empower them, teach them skills in advocating and instill self-determination. We are happy to meet with parents of students or potential students to answer questions, provide information and guidance, and help support you in this important transition.

Please review our website and learn more about the range of opportunities we provide for students. Feel free to contact us with your questions.

It is important to allow your student to be independent while still remaining involved with their college life. If your student has been admitted to Wayne State University, there are orientation programs that introduce the university to students and their parents. These programs are designed to familiarize you with various aspects of the university as well as provide you and your student with resources that offer information and assistance. Find out more about the parent orientation process