Syllabus Statement

Many students have disabilities that are not readily noticeable so, it is important to encourage students to identify their needs at the beginning of a semester. A statement on the syllabus and an announcement in class normalize the accommodation process by treating it as just another part of the course. The accommodation process should be one of collaboration between the student, the instructor and SDS.

Students already registered with SDS will have current accommodation letters that support their requests for accommodations and verify their eligibility. Faculty should refer students to SDS if they request accommodations without possessing a current accommodation letter signed by SDS staff.

Sample statement:

"If you have a documented disability that requires accommodations, you will need to register with Student Disability Services (SDS) for coordination of your academic accommodations.  The SDS office is located at 1600 David Adamany Undergraduate Library in the Student Academic Success Services department. SDS telephone number is 313-577-1851 or their email is  Once you have your accommodations in place, I will be glad to meet with you privately during my office hours or at another agreed upon time to discuss your needs. Student Disability Services' mission is to assist the university in creating an accessible community where students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to fully participate in their educational experience at Wayne State University."