Exam accommodations

Exam accommodations policy and procedures

Student Disability Services is committed to maintaining the highest academic integrity standards when administering exams. In order to meet this goal, we ask that all students follow testing procedures in a timely manner. Our office uses a closed-circuit video monitoring system to proctor exams. SDS requires that all students present their WSU picture ID before taking exams and follow SDS-posted alternate testing rules.

Students authorized for exam accommodations have three exam options:

  1. Take exams with the class

  2. Take exams with appropriate accommodations arranged by the instructor

  3. Take exams in the exam/study rooms in SDS

Policy and procedure for taking exams at SDS

  • Students should obtain test permits when meeting with the disability specialist for accommodation letters for the semester. No test requests will be accepted without a current semester's accommodation letter on file.

  • Students must complete the online request form through Accommodate to schedule exams/quizzes. One test request per exam/quiz.    

  • It is strongly advised that you schedule all of your exams/quizzes for the semester at the beginning of each semester.  

  • Students must submit test requests through Accommodate at last 72 hours prior to exam time. It is also your responsibility to remind your professor (email is effective) that you will be taking an exam in our office.

  • When completing your test request, remember to include all testing accommodations that you have been given.  

  • Important for rescheduled exams: If you must reschedule your exam due to illness or other legitimate conflict, it is your responsibility to contact the professor and discuss rescheduling. SDS must receive confirmation of the rescheduled exam date and time from the professor. It is your responsibility to remind the professor to send us confirmation.

  • If you drop a class, please inform the SDS testing coordinator, and your disability specialist. Otherwise, we will expect you in our office to take scheduled exams.

  • Please be aware that a delay in getting SDS accommodation letters for the current semester may hinder the availability or facilitation of those accommodations in a timely manner. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get your accommodation letters as early in the semester as possible.

Important information for taking exams at SDS

  • SDS expects you to be on time for your scheduled exams.

  • If you are late for your exam, you will not be allowed to make up the lost time. An email will be sent to your instructor noting your lateness. If you are significantly late, you may choose to speak to your instructor about rescheduling the exam. Please be aware that an instructor may deny you this option. Taking an exam with less time may be less damaging to your overall performance than being denied the opportunity of taking the exam at all.

  • Time limits will be enforced. Please check with SDS staff before the exam begins if you are unsure of your time limits.

  • Once you start an exam, you are not allowed to leave the SDS testing area. There is a handicapped-accessible bathroom in the SDS office area if needed.

  • Students are not permitted time to study during the scheduled exam time. If you arrive early, you may study prior to taking the exam, as long as a room is available.

  • If you have difficulty working out a mutually agreeable exam time with your professor, please contact your disability specialist.    

  • It will be necessary for you to arrange your exam time with your professor if you are enrolled in a class that meets at one of our satellite campuses, meets on Saturdays or meets in the evening other than on SDS late nights (Thursdays — fall and winter semesters only).

  • Food and drinks are prohibited in the computer and equipment area of the exam rooms. If you must bring in food or drink due to your disability or the length of your exam, please  keep it on the table behind the equipment.

  • All personal belongings such as books, coats, purses, briefcases and school bags must be placed in the locked coat room prior to exam administration.  

  • Students are not allowed the use of any unauthorized aids during an exam. Aids such as calculators must be approved by the professor and written on the test instruction sheet.

  • All cellphones, smartwatches and personal electronic devices must be turned off and locked in the coat room prior to the administration of an exam.

  • As a Wayne State University student, you have a responsibility "to uphold academic honesty in all activities." If you are caught cheating in any way, your testing will be terminated immediately and you will be asked to leave the SDS office. Your professor will be notified and any further action will be handled by the professor.

  • SDS adheres to WSU final exam schedule.

  • All exams are stopped and collected 10 minutes before SDS closing time.

Key points to remember:

  • Student is responsible for scheduling all exams/quizzes through Accommodate at least 72 hours prior to exam/quiz time.  

  • Professor is responsible for sending us the test along with test instructions.