Dispute resolution and appeal procedure

Accommodations are determined on an individual basis and students are encouraged to work closely with Student Disability Services. SDS staff members advocate a fair, compassionate and honest learning environment. In the event a disagreement arises, students are encouraged to use the following process for dispute resolution and appeal:

Step 1:  Discuss your concern with your assigned disability specialist. Be prepared to consider alternative solutions and perspectives.

Step 2:  If a satisfactory solution is not reached, you may submit a written appeal to the director of Student Disability Services. The director will gather information from all parties associated with the situation, meet individually or as a group with those involved, and attempt to formulate a resolution or provide a SDS formal position on the disagreement. Your appeal statement should include the following:  

  1. Date complaint is being made
  2. Your name
  3. Course information that relates specifically to the grievance. Include course, section #,  class location and professor's name
  4. Provide the nature of the concern or complaint.  Please include specific details in chronological order.
  5. Name of disability specialist
  6. The basis of your appeal and any supporting documentation as necessary
  7. Your suggestion for  the ideal resolution to this disagreement

The Director of Student Disability Services must receive your appeal within 15 working days from the time the issue was discussed with your disability specialist.

Students dissatisfied with the appeals process may contact the Office of Equal Opportunity.